The new Puskás Arena is an iconic sports arena in Budapest and Hungary, serving as a modern, multifunctional event venue in the Hungarian cultural life, be it a football match or a large scale-concert.

The inner spaces offer various possibilities to host conferences, workshops and exclusive programmes. Thanks to the design of the Arena up to 5 different events can be held at the same time. 

The surrounding green and paved area can be used as a place for outdoor sports, music events and festivals.

The new Puskás Arena will be one of the hosts of the EURO2020 (the male European Football Competition), to be held in 2021. It will also host the 2023 Europa League final. Furthermore, the Arena was awarded the Best Stadium award in 2019 by the Stadium Database website's vote.

Event spaces



  • Business VIP is the largest event hall in the Puskás Arena, located on the east side of the building
  • A total area of 2500 m² can be separated into several parts on request, so in the conference section meetings can be arranged in a contiguous venue with community space and catering service
  • Capacity
    • Theatrical planting: 800 people
    • Round table equipment: 600 people
    • Standing receptions 1000 people/li>
  • Location data:
    • 4.2 m ceiling
    • 4 elevators that take guests from the direct arrival area (530 m²) to the event space, with a capacity of up to 10 minutes/1000 people
    • Wardrobes at both ends of the room and in the arrival areas
    • Accessible restrooms and a medical room are also available in the space
    • Continuously variable brightness control RGB colour-blended LED lighting system- dimmable and can be separated per column block
    • In the ceiling 4-6 TOA PE 304 type, 100W speaker system is located. Using these the event hall can be divided into 6 zones, from which 4 zones can be used as 4 different sections.
    • 3 hung screen blocks consisting of 9 65" LED screensl


  • The VIP Club is located on the west side of the building and is the second largest event hall of the Puskás Arena./li>
  • Capacity: 1,800 m² total area
    • Theatrical planting: 500 people
    • Round table equipment: 350 people
    • Standing receptions: 800 people
  • Location data:
    • 3.6 m ceiling
    • 4 elevators that take guests from the directly accessible entrance (420 m²) to the event space, with a capacity of up to 10 minutes/800 people
    • There is a cloakroom at each end of the room and a beverage counter
    • Continuously variable brightness control RGB colour-blended LED lighting system- dimmable and can be separated per column block
    • Q-Sys sound system and QSC AD Sub speakers provide a more enjoyable sound experience across all spectrums
    • 3 hung screen blocks consisting of 9 65" LED screens


  • Sky Lounge and Sky Lobby: aisle spaces with 80 Sky Boxes are fully accessible with a total area of 8,600 m²
  • Location data:
    • With built-in mobile walls, they can be separated into 12 sections, allowing you to perform different types of events
    • It is connected to the VIP rooms by a closed staircase with 4 elevators per side
    • The Sky Lobby area can be expanded to 1300 m² and an additional 500-700 m², so it can hold standing receptions and expos
    • With the Q-Sys sound system, The Sky Lounge can be divided into eight stand-alone sound zones


  • At the Sky Box level there are 4 Sky Clubs in the 4 corners of the Puskás Arena (80-170 m² each), which can be rented on a case-by-case basis, even on match days
  • They can accommodate up to 60 people, ideal for conferences, workshops and press conferences, and can be expanded with the Sky Lounge area in front of the rooms, so you can create areas for up to 160-200 people with a circular table layout
  • Location data::
    • A Q-Sys sound system can be used to turn in the two Sky Clubs to create separate sound zones, and a separate sound system that can be placed in the other two Sky Clubs
    • Sky Clubs offer a perfect view onto the playing field and the interiors of the Puskás Arena
    • In the Clubs you will find built-in catering desks - catering can be accessed separately from the guest space


  • Located in the Puskás Arena, the 80-premium Skyboxes feature a special panorama and atmosphere, providing an impressive view of the field.
  • Exclusive accommodation and service rooms make it suitable for small partner meetings or company events, providing a special, unique medium for the event. The Skyboxes can be rented long term, so they can also function as co-working offices.
  • We also provide extra services to Skybox tenants:
    • Tickets for the Hungarian national football team's domestic matches and large-scale programs at Puskás Arena.
    • At the events we provide our tenants with a high standard of hospitality and service.
    • The perfect culinary experience is provided by a premium cuisine with a wide selection of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.
    • Guests are welcomed with matchbook and match programme, and for added value we offer unlimited Wi-Fi and TV access.
    • For convenience, Skyboxes have their own wardrobes.
    • The rental price of the Skybox includes a certain amount of parking spaces, so you don't have to worry about your vehicle.
  • Skyboxes are available in 3 categories:
    • Platinum 24 db
    • Gold 28 db
    • Silver 30 db


  • The Media Square is located on the west side of the Puskás Arena and has a separate entrance making it easy to reach, even from the parking lot
  • With a capacity of 230 people and a floor area of 350 m², it is suitable for media events and small conferences
  • conferences
  • Location data:
    • The audio-visual system of the room contains all the components by which conferences are feasible in the room, including the sound system, the display devices and the control equipment necessary for the use of the systems
    • t can be operated as a standalone sound zone with 4 wireless microphones and 2 multifunction inserts, as well as 6 desktop microphones. The press representatives can broadcast 20 line-level signals, 4 interpretation booths are available for simultaneous interpretation of 7 languages.
    • The lighting can be continuously controlled in stages, the podium is illuminated by 24 spot lamps
    • Meals/breaks can be enjoyed in the pitch access right next to the court, ensuring an exclusive experience with this pitch connection


  • We are only able to give an offer after a site visit
  • For sold-out events we supply a 12.000 m2 supatrack plastic cover for the field, for which we charge an installation and removal fee
  • The sound system of the Arena's stands is currently the largest in the world with 336 Vi8 speakers, 84 30D type amplifiers.
  • Currently two stadiums satisfies all of UEFA's requirements, one of which is Puskás Arena.